More Blessings

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This past one week has been quite a hectic one and that is the reason why I delayed this post. I hope you will bear with me…Last Saturday saw the launch of BHARATWALLA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION {Kenyans who went to India for Higher Education} at the Nairobi Club amidst festivities that lasted the whole night…What a ...

For You Mom

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American novelist Gail Tsukiyama once said: “Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.” Her profound gem of wisdom entirely captures the complex relationship shared by mothers and their off springs. It further underscores the immense challenge of figuring ...

Getting Rid Of Fear Of The Unknown

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When are we ever honest with ourselves? To avoid asking this question, we tend to cultivate a culture of placating our jaded lives into our everyday monotonous roles; living an existence we think we deserve. But what happens when the overwhelming power of serendipity occasioned by either the inner stirrings prodding for change or inexplicable ...


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This past week, a tragedy of immense proportions took place in Kerala, where I hail from and the state I have proudly mentioned over and over in my autobiography Rainbows in My Clouds. What am I talking about? I’m talking about an incident that took over 120 lives when an explosion - sparked by fireworks - ...


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How do you identify someone you talked to and liked, a book you read, a movie or play you watched, a place you visited? How, indeed, do you identify a lot of things that pass you by in life's proverbial journey? Is it by their names, attributes, features, characteristics or qualities? Is a name or a title ...

7 Things To Do When It Rains

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Nairobi is eagerly awaiting El Nino, it’s overcast and pregnant with expectation for the chaos that ensues when it rains. The Team Rainbows on the other hand couldn't be more excited, not only is October Radhika’s favorite month (read her wonderful post here) but it also rains which we’re convinced is her favorite natural event. If ...


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Let me begin this blog by talking about the month of October…my most favourite and significant of all twelve months of the year. Do you wanna know why? The answer is pretty simple- October happens to be my birth month- yes, I was born in this month 53 years ago…and since then October has turned out to be the happiest, saddest and craziest month of my life.

M. Mukundan Says

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Relentless struggles make a successful person. Radhika Lee is no exception. Her memoir Rainbows in my clouds is the ballade of her rise – as a young girl – from her displaced dreams to the successful educationist and entrepreneur that she is today in Nairobi.

I find the spirit of Radhika’s painful migration from her picturesque tiny village Cherai in Kerala to Nairobi in Africa, in these lines of the African-American poet Gwendoly Brooks, from To the Diaspora:

Here’s some sun. Some.

Now off into the places rough to reach.

Radhika set out for Africa charting rough paths and reached there. There, her dreams are reborn, though after very many struggles, both professional and personal.

Her memoir is candid. Its narrative is reminiscent of the backwaters of Kerala – placid and mirroring the verdure of nature and the blueness of the sky. Kerala’s peculiar customs and rituals, such as the celebration of a girl’s menarche, are touched upon vividly. It is an inspiring oeuvre, replete with nostalgia for her lost home.

The present-day women, empowered with education, are making their presence felt in almost all domains of life, particularly in creative domain. Radhika Lee represents this new woman. As I went on reading her memoir, it soothed me like Kerala’s summer rains.

M. Mukundan. (Award winning Novelist – India).