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7 Things To Do When It Rains

By Tuesday, October 27, 2015 0

Nairobi is eagerly awaiting El Nino, it’s overcast and pregnant with expectation for the chaos that ensues when it rains. The Team Rainbows on the other hand couldn't be more excited, not only is October Radhika’s favorite month (read her wonderful post here) but it also rains which we’re convinced is her favorite natural event. If ...

M. Mukundan Says

By Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1
Relentless struggles make a successful person. Radhika Lee is no exception. Her memoir Rainbows in my clouds is the ballade of her rise – as a young girl – from her displaced dreams to the successful educationist and entrepreneur that she is today in Nairobi.

I find the spirit of Radhika’s painful migration from her picturesque tiny village Cherai in Kerala to Nairobi in Africa, in these lines of the African-American poet Gwendoly Brooks, from To the Diaspora:

Here’s some sun. Some.

Now off into the places rough to reach.

Radhika set out for Africa charting rough paths and reached there. There, her dreams are reborn, though after very many struggles, both professional and personal.

Her memoir is candid. Its narrative is reminiscent of the backwaters of Kerala – placid and mirroring the verdure of nature and the blueness of the sky. Kerala’s peculiar customs and rituals, such as the celebration of a girl’s menarche, are touched upon vividly. It is an inspiring oeuvre, replete with nostalgia for her lost home.

The present-day women, empowered with education, are making their presence felt in almost all domains of life, particularly in creative domain. Radhika Lee represents this new woman. As I went on reading her memoir, it soothed me like Kerala’s summer rains.

M. Mukundan. (Award winning Novelist – India).

 Jackson Biko Says

By Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1

There are times in this woven tapestry of a life so rich, yet so marred by seemingly railroading circumstances, that you want the author, Radhika Lee, to at least stop and breathe her life. But then she doesn’t. She keeps plodding on, through her tribulations, and suddenly when you see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, you are filled with both guilt and bewilderment. If you have ever been at the very bottom of the rock, you should read this, the taste will be familiar.

Jackson Biko – Kenyan Writer, Journalist and Blogger.

Nigel Barlow Says

By Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1
Radhika Lee is an extraordinary woman whose story of thriving through adversity will inspire and move you. Although she is a believer in higher forces at work in life, she’s had to take some brave and courageous decisions on her own initiative. This is a tale that we can all learn from – do read it!

Nigel Barlow, MA Oxon, author and business speaker

John Couch Says

By Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1
I first met Radhika at an International Schools’ conference hosted by Apple in Vienna in the year 2007. It was at the conference that she realized what technology could do for her students. Returning to Kenya, she under took the mission of setting up the first E -School in East Africa, only to realize that her superiors were unwilling to change. So she embarked on an even more challenging task of starting her own, E-school. This proved to be quite a Herculean task for an Indian lady, with no one and nothing to support her, especially, in an unknown land!

Now years later, despite the overwhelming obstacles, she owns three schools that educate children from around the globe.

I call her “Radical Lee” because her journey is a radical departure from traditional education, just as her personal life has also been. Despite all the challenges, Radhika has remained focused, committed, positive and above all innovative as you will realize when you walk alongside her on this journey in her autobiography.
You will meet the unwavering spirit of Radhika in her book, “Rainbows in my Clouds” and fall in love with this remarkable woman as I did.

John Couch – Vice President (education) – APPLE INC.

Nancy Silberkleit

By Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1
One can only measure how they are doing in life when confronted with challenges. The tell-tale of Radhika’s life could not be measured until she faced her challenges… the first challenge was to break away from decades of abuse and being defined by others. Radhika’s break from her partner puts her on a path that gave her meaning but took much time to discover her amazing self, which was there all the time.

Radhika’s story is inspirational for all us and teaches us to have faith in ourselves and know there is a powerful ‘you’. It takes time as nothing beautiful and positive is ever easy to achieve in life without struggles. I encourage you to read Radhika’s story as she narrates it in her autobiography “Rainbows in my Clouds”. It will help you become stronger and even persuade you to have Radhika’s guts to want a better place for yourself in this world!

Nancy Silberkleit – C.E.O ARCHIE COMICS.

Jeff Koinange Says

By Saturday, August 22, 2015 1
Rainbows in My Clouds’ is a story of resilience, persistence and overcoming insurmountable odds. Radhika Lee is the epitome of courageousness and consistency…and a never-say-die spirit. A riveting page-turner!

Jeff Koinange – Award-winning Journalist/Author ‘Through My African Eyes.’

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