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The pinnacle of success or ‘making it’ these days is defined by among others pulling up in the village with the latest four wheel drive behemoth, or wealth flaunting through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The abnormal has segued into the norm whereby materialism, defined by the purchase of things we do not really need, is the trend in these modern times.

Morals and down-to-earth tendencies that were once a prime characteristic of people of yester years seem to have gone out through the window. Why?  Materialism seems to have taken over.

Do not get me wrong. I have no problem with wealth or money for that matter. We all need it to survive. Don’t we? But I think we are taking it a tad bit too far with this vice called materialism.

Our efforts at ‘being our brothers keepers’ seems to have come to naught. The values that we held so dear a while ago have been replaced by money, how we can chase it and how we can make more.

In the US, a group of psychologists undertook a study about materialism and here is what they uncovered:

  • Materialism ends up harming your individual well-being.
  • Money cannot buy happiness. Research has proven that there is no direct link to wealth and happiness. One becomes happier when his/her basic needs are met.
  • Materialism ruins relationships. It is actually correlated with unhappiness in relationships. People with high levels of materialism tend to exhibit lower marital quality than couples with lower materialism.
  • Materialism breeds narcissistic behavior. It contributes to the development of narcissistic personalities and behaviors. Narcissists generally act with arrogance and are deeply concerned with issues of personal adequacy, seeking power and prestige to cover for feelings of inner emptiness and low-self worth.

With the above revelations, it should come as no surprise that some of the wealthiest personalities are signing deeds that will see them give away huge amounts of their wealth during and after their lifetimes.

Want to feel happy? Then do this: try to be more benevolent. There is no greater feeling than giving to the less fortunate. Genuinely lending a helping hand to those in need brings you blessings in equal measure. Engage in voluntary activities. Spare some time from money chasing and money making and help around your community. Clean, help the elderly or even volunteer at the local hospital. I swear this will bring you more contentment than making that extra shilling.

Have a materialism free week ahead, won’t you now?



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