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I had a grand time in Dubai during the launch of Rainbows In My Clouds and then the “Meet And Listen” session at the Change Initiative where I got to sign copies of my autobiography, Rainbows in my Clouds, for the eager readers. The heat notwithstanding, meeting and interacting with like-minded people was an occasion to savor.

But life is not without its fare share of ironies. Once back here in Nairobi, Kenya, the weather transitioned from the heat that characterizes the UAE to a teeth-chattering and biting cold that is the norm in these parts of the globe during this time of the year. Suddenly, everybody, myself included, switched to donning warmer apparel that would perfectly coincide with the chilly weather.

But does this mean I am complaining? No! I’m just thankful; thankful for what I have; my family; health and a whole lot of other things that would take forever to list. But, I know most of us are, well…complaining. As I had earlier stated in this page, human wants are pegged on an uninformed and delusional belief arising from the fact that we tend to harbor a false hope that contentment can be achieved if what we are currently yearning for can be acquired hence nipping our insatiable greed in the bud. In simpler terms, all, if not everyone, is inwardly asking for the scorching sun that mercilessly shone down on us during the beginning of this year.

Lack of contentment surely leads to depression and unhappiness. So, instead of sulking, why don’t you chew on these snippets of advice on what to do when it’s cold: read a book; layer up; drink hot beverages; pick up a new hobby; start a home workout program; play monopoly or scrabble with family or friends; listen to music; read interesting stuff online; learn a new skill like dancing; visit the homeless or donate something like warm clothing you no longer need.

Instead of complaining, it is obvious that the list of activities you can engage yourself in is inexhaustible.

So, why complicate life?


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