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“Are you mad?” Has anyone at any one time ever posed that inquisition to you? Maybe the remark could be directed at you due to a whiff of concern or in rather extreme cases, due to engaging or having engaged in activity deemed abominable.

Poring conscientiously over the word ‘mad’, one – if not all – might tend to understandably dwell on the clinical condition that denotes a psychiatric disorder instead of viewing the word in terms of its eccentric, odd, foible or even peculiar nature.

We all possess a ‘madness’ and it’s exactly that which earmarks everyone with a dissimilarity. People who have shaped history (both alive and dead) tend to always have in their possession a unique quality about them; an idiosyncrasy that makes them stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. Opinion makers like the late Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln Wangari Mathai, Pio Gama Pinto and Tom Mboya among others all owned a spark of ‘madness’ and instead of suppressing it or concealing it from their peers, decided to nature it to full potential by fanning it until it bloomed for everyone to see. And that’s why the world remembers them today.

This week, take a minute off your busy schedule and look within yourself; take that magnifying glass and trace that spark of madness. Find out what is it that is unique about you: is it science? Writing? Poetry? Dancing? Oration? Computer Programming? Mentorship? Teaching? Entrepreneurship? Who knows, the madness could well lead you to the discovery of the path that God put you on this earth to tread.

As for me, I’ll dwell on the latter three – mentorship, teaching and entrepreneurship. After I discovered that within me were the three qualities, I embarked on a journey of self-reflection and self-direction both literally and figuratively. Young and naïve, I came to Kenya from Kerala, India, but through hard work, prayer, discipline, diligence and other principles and ethos that I inculcated in my day-to-day existence here, managed to set up my own business that caters to mentoring young people through straight talks and teaching them by furnishing them with the required knowledge they need to make their mark in this world. As an addendum, I penned my life story which you can read by grabbing a copy of Rainbows in my Clouds.


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