Looking Forward

By Saturday, May 28, 2016 0

Growing up, there were a lot of things we looked forward to. Our fantasy was that for a while, we could fast forward time so that holidays could arrive a little quicker because we always knew that our parents would prepare the most sumptuous delicacies – especially in the case of mum who was the best cook in the family – and that presents would be in plenty. We were children then; kids who were clueless about the world beyond the confines our homestead and the small town we grew up in, but that was always understandable.

But isn’t it true that no matter how old one is, there is always that little kid in everyone? Well, the little me is in overdrive! Saying that I can’t wait for the ‘Meet and Listen’ at The Change Initiative in Dubai would be a gross understatement. The fact that the event is coinciding with Kenya’s Independence Day Celebrations makes it even more exciting.

Let me say that I’m truly humbled to be invited to the UAE. Why? Because when penning Rainbows in my Clouds, I never, in may wildest dreams, thought that the autobiography would receive such an overwhelming positive response from so many quarters across the globe. That a book that was my personal catharsis segued into such a powerful tool for change by becoming a means of self-reflection, a motivational instrument, an implement for purging repressed emotions and most of all a reference text for MA literature students at the prestigious University of Nairobi is a blessing that I can’t describe in any known superlatives.

It is with great humility that I thank those who gave the title a thumbs up, those who gave it five stars in their reviews (some of the reviews had me in tears) and urge those who haven’t read it to please grab their copy.

Once again, the book is being launched on the 3rd of June. If you are in Dubai please come and be part of this event from 10.30 am at the INDIA CLUB. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Rainbows in my Clouds's photo.
Rainbows in my Clouds's photo.

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