Getting Rid Of Fear Of The Unknown

By Saturday, May 28, 2016 0

When are we ever honest with ourselves? To avoid asking this question, we tend to cultivate a culture of placating our jaded lives into our everyday monotonous roles; living an existence we think we deserve. But what happens when the overwhelming power of serendipity occasioned by either the inner stirrings prodding for change or inexplicable forces come into play?

The fear of the unknown should never be the sole cause that compels most of us stick to our lanes and play it safe. We should strive to be the exceptional few that invest our energies and resources into something that we have never tried before.

And that is where the power of serendipity lies. For instance, my journey of discovery commenced in India. As illustrated in “I Am An Eagle That Rides On The Breeze”, a chapter in my autobiography, Rainbows In My Clouds, I too, harbored the fear of the unknown; the fear of treading down a path that I thought was laced with obscurity. Yes, a huge chunk of me never wanted to board that plane that was flying to Nairobi, Kenya in 1986. No! At the airport, I felt like running back to dad, hugging him and never letting go.

But, I did say goodbye. I allowed serendipity fate, karma, providence or whatever you want to call it to play a role. In Kenya, I discovered a lot about myself. It is here that I gave birth to Ashwin, my son and the love of my life; it is here that my career as a teacher truly kicked off; it is here that my dream of having my own school finally became a reality and it is here that I’ve made lots of friends. Now I have two homes that I hold dear; Kerala in India filled with memories of childhood friends and family and Nairobi in Kenya where God gave me the opportunity to give back, to make a difference!

You too should discard the fear of the unknown and make every effort to discover something new about yourself.


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