By Saturday, April 9, 2016 0

How do you identify someone you talked to and liked, a book you read, a movie or play you watched, a place you visited? How, indeed, do you identify a lot of things that pass you by in life’s proverbial journey?

Is it by their names, attributes, features, characteristics or qualities?

Is a name or a title an identity then? I don’t think so! We did not choose where or when to be born and in most cases, what name to give ourselves. My parents, for instance, were always judged for bringing an ‘unlucky child’ to this earth… It was said I was jinxed since the time I inhaled my first breath…

But, through God’s grace, I chose to overlook that; I chose to overlook a name, a skin tone, and where I was born. I chose to overlook a lot of things and instead embraced all that was around me. In fact, I’m the kind of woman you’ll find visiting a Hindu temple and at the same time going to a church because I do not tolerate labels. Am I a Christian? A Hindu? I’m none of that. I do not judge people because they have a different name from mine or as Maya Angelou – may her soul rest in peace – said, ‘because they refer to God using a different name’. No!

Instead of wasting time and effort on identities, labels, names and titles, let us strive to find our inner selves; to be a blessing to someone; to help put a smile on someone else’s face; to be a “Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud”.

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