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Let me begin this blog by talking about the month of October…my most favourite and significant of all twelve months of the year. Do you wanna know why? The answer is pretty simple- October happens to be my birth month- yes, I was born in this month 53 years ago…and since then October has turned out to be the happiest, saddest and craziest month of my life. 

Most recently, October proved once again how important it is in my life when my book “Rainbows in my Clouds” went for the first print runs just last week and that too on my birthday…The best present ever …to myself. So when Maureen, Mary and Brian asked me to do the blog, I felt it is more appropriate than any other subject that I talk about October. Is it a coincidence that I share this month with Mahatma himself? What is even more surprising is that I share a birthday with the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher herself… Yes, she too was born on the 13th of October…and Biko my friend has his birthday just a day before mine; on the 12th quite of October…certainly quite a bunch of eccentrics were born in October. It is all good though.

I love fall, autumn when nature turns colour, love the orange hue that suddenly dominates everything else before it turns brown and paves way for the snow in Europe, but here in Nairobi it just gets more warm than usual and everyone starts unwinding as they start thinking of Mashujaa Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and finally Christmas itself…October often paves your way into that festive season and I love that I was born in October in that most picturesque part of India, by the backwaters of Kochi in Kerala.


  • Neelam Varma
    October 23, 2015

    Autumn is one of the most beautiful time in the world when the earth is bathed in its most beautiful colours which are also auspicious colors in the Hindu belief!
    A life shared with all those people you love will also be golden & orange like the colors of autumn.

  • Kanini
    October 28, 2015

    Now i want to visit Kerala :)

  • Louise
    October 31, 2015

    October is an incredibly important month to me as well! The beautiful colours of the autumnal blaze signify a joyful finality to the year; but I also get to celebrate four beautiful baby girls who were all born within days of each other – and all belong to my family and friends. October is a month to feel blessed for all things past and all things to come.

  • Siji
    December 3, 2015

    Dear Radhika madam I want to share so many things with you.you are my motivator
    Accidentially I came across an article about you when i was in my dark clouds of life. So many resemblence between you and me…I want mail personally.I closed my facebook account. So can you send me your email id ????

  • Chirayil Mathew
    January 2, 2016


    Congratulations for writing the book “Rainbow in My Clouds” and for your great success as it was selected as a text book for literature students in Kenya University. I would like to get a copy and please let me know where I could buy it. I am in U.S. and if you could arrange to send me a copy, I will pay for it.

    My address is: Chirayil Mathew
    11105 Lake Breeze Drive
    N. Potomac, MD 2l0878


    Yours Sincerely,

    Chirayil Mathew

  • Chirayil Mathew
    January 2, 2016

    It is a great motivational autobiography.

  • Rainbows
    January 4, 2016

    You can purchase the book through Amazon. Follow this link.