Nancy Silberkleit

By Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1
One can only measure how they are doing in life when confronted with challenges. The tell-tale of Radhika’s life could not be measured until she faced her challenges…  the first challenge was to break away from decades of abuse and being defined by others. Radhika’s break from her partner puts her on a path that gave her meaning but took much time to discover her amazing self, which was there all the time.

Radhika’s story is inspirational for all us and teaches us to have faith in ourselves and know there is a powerful ‘you’. It takes time as nothing beautiful and positive is ever easy to achieve in life without struggles. I encourage you to read Radhika’s story as she narrates it in her autobiography “Rainbows in my Clouds”. It will help you become stronger and even persuade you to have Radhika’s guts to want a better place for yourself in this world!

Nancy Silberkleit – C.E.O ARCHIE COMICS.

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