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By Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1
I first met Radhika at an International Schools’ conference hosted by Apple in Vienna in the year 2007.  It was at the conference that she realized what technology could do for her students.  Returning to Kenya, she under took the mission of setting up the first E -School in East Africa, only to realize that her superiors were unwilling to change. So she embarked on an even more challenging task of starting her own, E-school. This proved to be quite a Herculean task for an Indian lady, with no one and nothing to support her, especially, in an unknown land!

Now years later, despite the overwhelming obstacles, she owns three schools that educate children from around the globe.

I call her “Radical Lee” because her journey is a radical departure from traditional education, just as her personal life has also been. Despite all the challenges, Radhika has remained focused, committed, positive and above all innovative as you will realize when you walk alongside her on this journey in her autobiography.
You will meet the unwavering spirit of Radhika in her book, “Rainbows in my Clouds” and fall in love with this remarkable woman as I did.

 John Couch – Vice President (education) – APPLE INC.

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